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Large business hotel

This business hotel operates in Poland’s capital, so it serves a very wide audience. The division of guests into segments is more or less even without any predominant groups. The hotel is popular among regular tourists as well as businesspeople. Considering the variety of guests visiting the hotel, the management must carefully balance between accepting and rejecting certain groups of guests. Some of them are always willing to come regardless of the season, others which are more profitable appear mostly during high season. However, rejecting the first group too often can lead to adverse situations during low season periods. That is why the hotel had to monitor their channels, segments and restrictions all the time. proRMS largely helped in managing so many variables. The most important features here are flexible restrictions allowing to decide when to accept specific guests. The self-teaching algorithms enabled “juggling” offers depending on the segment, channel and season to ensure that all rooms are always sold at the highest price. The system recommends which channels to use to advertise. As a result, the hotel managed to successfully distribute their rooms to stay profitable and also saved money on commissions.