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Large conference hotel

This large hotel is conveniently located near the city center, making it an ideal choice for conferences. Its vast conference area made it even easier to generate revenue. Business guests greatly outnumber regular tourists in this particular case. We noticed that the hotel was mostly focused on room revenue instead of total revenue generated mostly by conference rooms. There was quite a disproportion between the capacity to accommodate guests in conference rooms and in regular rooms, meaning that guests attending conferences couldn’t find a place to sleep. What made things worse, this chain hotel had its company procedures which were difficult to overcome without solid proof. proRMS helped this hotel using one of its key features – TRevPAR analysis. The hotel got a better insight of all its revenue, paying special attention to conference rooms. The findings were so eye-opening that they even led to decisions on changing the entire accommodation structure. However, all this effort was rewarded in much higher revenue and changing the hotel’s perspective in terms of accepting more business guests.