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Medium chain hotel

This hotel is a landmark located in the city centre. It is a place where historical rooms are mixed with modern service. As a five star hotel, it must comply with the most rigorous standards. The venue is often visited by regular tourists as well as businesspeople. As a chain hotel, the place has well-developed procedures regarding its functioning. However, as part of a larger whole, the hotel must be constantly monitored in order to ensure its profitability. It is also subject to fast consolidation. Its revenue is managed not only by the Revenue Manager but also by other employees. The RM takes care of several places, so they might not always be available to help, and all revenue issues might be left to local staff. Thanks to proRMS’s analytical functions, it processes data overnight and is ready to generate valuable reports in the morning. The hotel staff can view them and decide on the next move. What is more, proRMS provides accurate recommendations, so it successfully supports the hotel staff in the absence of the revenue manager. The RM only introduces some minor corrections. As a result, the hotel on-site employees as well as the RM visiting from time to time have less work while maintaining the ability to get higher profits.