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Medium resort hotel

This hotel is located in a remote area, surrounded by nature. Guests mostly come here to enjoy recreational activities and escape from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. That is why the hotel offers various services related to wellness and SPA, sports and local trips. It is a typical practice for this hotel to offer its services in packages. Such packages are more attractive to guests due to money savings, a reasonable connection between the services and the idea behind them. However, these bundled services mean lower margins and sometimes more work to process them. Some service packages need to be carefully assessed and monitored. Otherwise their pricing might be unjustified or they might bring more loss than profit. proRMS took all these service packages under control. The system ensures that all service packages are dynamically priced in relation to the single services which they are made of. What is more, proRMS actually understands the price margin base and prevents the service packages from being underpriced. What is more, the reporting module explicitly shows which service packages are the most popular or profitable. The hotel can make proper adjustments to guarantee that its offers always bring the most revenue.