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Small independent hotel

This hotel is a crucial landmark in Wrocław, so it is well-known and renowned. It doesn’t any problems with attracting customers. They are mostly tourists willing to explore the old town or MICE customers who benefit from the hotel’s exclusive conference rooms. When we first approached this hotel, we noticed a few missing points. This hotel operated mostly on a day-to-day basis while limiting its procedures to a minimum. As a result, the hotel was enjoying moderate occupancy, but wasn’t making as much revenue as it should have. It also analysed which guests were visiting, but it didn’t consider dividing them into segments. Our proRMS was able to provide useful recommendations from the very beginning even with limited initial data. During its operation, the system has accumulated and processed valuable information. It offered more accurate recommendations and provided a forecast which turned into higher hotel revenue. What is more, the hotel staff developed an effective strategy and useful procedures which led to improvements in the hotel functioning. Now the hotel is operating as efficiently as large chain hotels and it is generating higher revenue.