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OTA Insight, established in 2012, focuses on data intelligence tools for the hospitality industry.

The company has a presence in 168 countries and has won numerous industry awards over the years. Its headquarters are in London, UK with larger offices in Denver and Singapore.

OTA Insight – technological partner

OTA Insight’s portfolio includes cloud solutions for intelligent revenue management and decision-making regarding the distribution of hotel products. As a leader in the field of decision support systems, the company cooperates with over 55,000 hotels offering innovative products:

Market Insight – A predictive market intelligence solution that captures real-time hotel booking intentions to network users to discover new revenue opportunities.

Rate Insight – Provides real-time information on competitors’ prices, ranking, reputation and occupancy on OTB

Parity Insight – an end-to-end solution for groups and hotel chains to track facility performance, effectively manage online partnerships and meta searches.

Revenue Insight – a business analysis platform supporting the potential of data from PMS systems, which provides information supporting decision-making in the field of revenue management
In 2020, Qualpro and OTA Insight began cooperation, which enabled the integration of products and undertaking joint activities of a substantive nature for the hotel industry. For more information on OTA Insight, please visit