What implementation and using of proRMS look like?


proRMS is a cloud-based solution. It complies with the highest safety and accessibility standards, and its implementation does not require changes in the infrastructure and current solutions of the hotel.


Implementation is a stepwise process, and it lasts from few days to few weeks. The first element is familiarising with the hotel's policy and context, as well as with available data structures. Further the system is configured for the defined pricing policy and connection with PMS, the channel manager. In the next step, the system is provided with data from configured sources and historical data. Reports and other functionalities are consecutively adapted to requirements of users. After training employees, the system is made available to the hotel in full.


Under the license, qualpro ensures implementation of the system, adapting interfaces to all hotel sources, which will be used by proRMS. Hosting, servicing and maintenance of the system, and ensuring its uptime is included. The part of license is also the unlimited access to current and future functionalities. Throughout the license validity period, user have access to the customer service support.


The license price is proportional to a number of rooms offered by the unit.