What problems are solved by proRMS

As the Revenue Manager, are your concerns connected with the strategy or completion status? When developing proRMS, we also have lots of them, and we verify whether the system can address them. Check if some of them sound similar or tell us about them directly

Which strategy should I adopt?

High occupancy or high average price? Both are wrong! How about RevPAR albo TRevPAR?

How to analyse data?

Do you compare your performance to the corresponding, performed periods of time? From the analysis of past we can draw important conclusions, but can you assess the future of your business, which is rapidly changing? Are you able to assess, for example, what is the course of the future quarter compared to the last year, but to the last year in the same period before completion? Are you able to make a detailed analysis per segment or outlet? But maybe all at once per day type?

When should I change the pricing policy?

Does the increase in production in the future has the same dynamics as corresponding periods in the past? Should I adopt the aggressive pricing policy or to the contrary? Can you assess it?

How to verify rightness of the adopted strategy?

Is your hotel frequently sold out many days before the completion? Reason to celebrate or time for valuation of costs of potentially lost revenue? You can't distinguish? You possibly lose a more profitable business. Must check it out. Remember that one strategy is not up-to-date all the time.

How can analytics support trade negotiations?

Do you examine full profitability by segments? Can you notice a paradox that the least profitable segments are first to ask about availability of your services? When should refuse and when I should not? Your hotel is empty, and there is a large group request, but the client is negotiating. It wants to pay less, as you they have no budget? Should I accept or negotiate hard? Can you assess when you should leave the table?

Does any of these questions sound familiar? Don't have time for daily and consistent analysis? Don't have a Revenue Manager?

Price optimizer will automatically analyse the future demand and price changes of competitors to ensure the recommendation of optimal price and configure availability of products. Maybe the market is depending on other factors like weather, air traffic or local events? proRMS analyses these and the other facts to calculate recommendations even more precisely. Market is more complex? Is there a number of dominant segments? Does the Revenue Manager struggle with the forecast accuracy? You just need to extend the price optimizer module with accessibility management for individual segments, based on advanced forecasting algorithms and dynamic profitability valuations of individual segments.

Learn about proRMS recommendations not only for the optimal price, but also for the optimal availability in a corresponding time for corresponding segments of your business.

The forecast module daily refreshes and delivers detailed, everyday forecast for many months in advance, while with the group valuation module you can estimate and prepare the optimal offer for requests long before their completion.

Yes, we process lots of data. Should I sum them up or rapidly add another collections of more detailed data sets?

In the analytical module there is a set of tools designed for the analysis of trends and the most important indicator and facts, which define business goals of the hotel. In addition to the set of ready-to-use reports, a user can create at any time and on its own reports and alerts defining threshold values, which can be notified automatically by the system.

There are lots of questions and we ask them ourselves every single day. proRMS is a system created for practitioners, Revenue Managers with lifetime experience.