What is proRMS?

proRMS is a set of tools, which support the daily work of revenue managers, other hotel decision-makers, who are responsible for revenue management and reviewing the hotel's pricing policy.

proRMS features:

  • Full RMS – price optimizer, group valuation, forecast, analytics
  • Automatic recommendation and managing prices and accessibility
  • Managing the category of rooms of individual segments
  • Advanced and powerful analytics tool
  • Automatic forecast for segments and outlets
  • Building the budget and targets
  • Report wizard which eliminates using Microsoft Excel
  • Support for dozens of data sources. PMS is just one of them
  • Configurable algorithms which clearly illustrate reasons of recommendation
  • Dedicated reports and creating own reports
  • Possibility of building and managing multiple strategies
  • RMS system designed by recognised Revenue Managers


Extensive configuration for adapting the system to the pricing policy and hotel characteristics. Price optimizer and forecast for optimising revenue. Analytical reports to know why.

proRMS is a solution consisting of modules, which address specific areas of pricing policy management, which can work also independently. When combined in a whole, they become a complete work tool, even for very advanced Revenue Managers.

The system was jointly developed by practitioners belonging to the group of best Revenue Managers in Poland, the scientists specialised in terms of data analysis and top-class programmers. Using the extensive experience, best practices and knowledge of existing solutions of other companies, we developed the advanced and complete system integrated not only with PMS, but also with other data sources. The system is easily accessible for less experienced users, who appreciate simplicity of interfaces, as well as for more advanced Revenue Managers, who will be able to conduct in-depth analyses.