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By taking over the heirloom developed as part of several projects for the hotel industry, the decision was made to separate the company that will specialize in this area.

Qualpro officially started Q3 in 2019. The headquarters is a nineteenth-century building in the center of Wroclaw.

Our team consists of hoteliers, IT specialists as well as data engineers and analysts.

Together with Antologic we have been working on the product – analytical system for the hotel industry – proRMS for the last year.

It is a full RMS class system with price optimizer, forecast, extensive reports and advanced analytical functionalities.

The system is designed for hotels of various scales and knowledge about hotel price policy management.

Qualpro focuses on further development, implementation, service and sale of proRMS system licenses.

We are currently starting pilot implementations in the first hotels and gathering first feedback and references!

Our goal is to create the best RMS tool in its class.

We will let you know in the near future 🙂

Follow our actions and contact us if you have questions. We are open to any suggestions and we will gladly share our knowledge.

Qualpro team