At Qualpro, a company founded by hoteliers with many years of experience, Revenue Management is at the core of our business activity. Having gained crucial expertise in both branded and independent hotels, we fully understand the specific nature and the needs of the hotel industry. See below wide functionalities offered by proRMS – Revenue Management System created to meet all your expectations:


  • Automatic process of changing the rates, restrictions and availability in the distribution channels
  • Possibility to adjust the system to your strategy
  • Dynamic pickup with intelligent alerts
  • Daily forecasting of all the major ratios
  • Monitoring and analysis of the competitors’ market rates
  • Customised reports with automatic mailing functionality
  • Group quotation functionality
  • Special events calendar
  • Graphic presentation of trends

Price optimiser

proRMS automatically analyses rates and availability in every distribution channel for each segment. Its main goal is to increase and optimise revenue in hotels. Based on the system’s functionalities, you can evaluate on-demand data such as pickup, impact of events or competitors data.

proRMS processes the data everyday or even a few times a day 7 days a week with no exceptions, in order to improve pricing strategy of your hotel.

The system examines 365 days ahead, analysing the internal situation OTB, competitors rates as well as other external factors which may have an impact on the local demand.


proRMS is driven by one of the latest engines, using mathematical models as well as artificial intelligence (neural network).

Based on set of algorithms, it takes into account not only all the detailed data from the hotel’s PMS, but also a lot of additional information, such as competitors’ rates (built-in rate shopper), positive and negative marketplace events, weather forecast and finally hotel’s online reputation.

proRMS is “one stop shop” – there is no need to log in to the channel manager anymore. All functionalities are now in one place, saving your time and making it easy to manage on daily basis.

proRMS works even when you are not present, loading rate changes in “autopilot” mode. However, if you want to read the recommendations before implementing them, you can change the mode to “acceptance”. You will always have the last word. A friendly interface allows you to modify the recommendations presented with just one click.


Reporting, being one of the key functionalities of proRMS, allows you to pull extensive reports, essential to your regular analysis . How does it work? The system retrieves information from available sources of data, such as PMS, CRM, Channel Manager, Rate Shopper and others.

This is the place where you have complete freedom to create your customised reports – graphic, tabular or you can even use any of the built-in templates. You decide which view suits you, your work style and your needs best.

This functionality allows you to quickly adjust, edit and filter any metrics you need for your effective analysis. This way, you will be able to make the correct decisions and save time.

What’s more, your selected reports will be automatically sent to your e-mail on daily basis. Thanks to this, you will always be up to date!

Group Evaluation

Group quotation and evaluation is often considered to be a difficult and complex task. Group Evaluation in proRMS will offer assistance by using built-in module, helping you to prepare your sales offer correctly and more efficiently.

In order to get automatic pricing, you’ll need to enter the basic information about the group request and the system will calculate the lowest and the highest price itself. It will also tell you whether to accept such a group, by calculating the cost shift.

How does proRMS do this? The module is primarily based on the automatic forecast. But it also takes into account many other factors, such as business on the books, length of stay and potential impact on other days of this period. Using this functionality will give you the correct recommendation in no time!


They trusted us

“proRMS has changed our approach to revenue management, equipping our team with a powerful tool to build an effective long-term strategy.”


General Manager – City hotel, Wroclaw

“Qualpro’s substantive support helped us design an optimal pricing policy, automated by the amazing proRMS system. Taking into account the dynamics of competition in the recommendations has had a positive effect on our revenue. Until now, manual analysis of all these factors has been heavily limited by the lack of time and the number of locations of our facilities.”


CEO – Mobile home operator, Croatia

“A huge saving of time, nerves and mistakes. Access to reports that give you in-depth knowledge of the situation to make the right decisions. Excel was put aside.”


Revenue Manager – Conference hotel


Our integrations

proRMS can be integrated with many systems such as: PMS, Rate Shopper or Channel Manager, which allows for efficient data flow and saves time when implementing price and availability changes. Below is a list of systems with which we are currently integrated. If you cannot find your PMS or Channel Manager there, please contact us.

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