The  (USALI) is the standard for hotel accounting practices
Maximize your profitability by controlling costs and margins.


What do you gain from proUSALI ?

proUSALI is a cloud-based solution.   It retrieves data automatically from the financial and accounting system and hotel operating systems (PMS).

The system allows a quick assessment of the profitability condition of the entire property or individual operating departments through indicators.


Key features: 

  • integrated online budget 
  •  interactive P&L platform allows you to activate different variants of revenue and cost comparisons  with a few clicks 
  • flexible dashboard facilitates analysis and review of selected indicators in the mode of current values or graphically in the form of a chart 
  • the “What If” module allows you to simulate changes in profit  and shift the “break-event point” by changing one of many factors 
  •  self-mapping allows you to easily and quickly make analytical account changes on your own 
  •   extensive configuration of access rights will allow other users to access only specific information 

The control software for managing expenses and optimizing profitability.

Management Accounting for USALI Hotels will allow you to control the margins of your operating departments to increase the profitability of your entire hotel. Online access and assigning the right permissions activates the team to consciously track their performance. Working on budgets in the cloud streamlines the planning process, while a “What if” module simulates different variations.

          During the implementation, extended support is provided by our strategic partner SECCO 

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