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Excel in the hospitality industry – Effective data analysis

The main goal of the training is to provide you with knowledge of MS Excel, which will help you in your daily work of analyzing data, creating reports and many other tasks. The course will take you from the basic applications of the program, such as working with dates, conditional formatting, to pivot tables in the form of practical exercises that will help you in your daily work.


The trainings are available only in Polish, soon they will be available in Spanish and English. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Part 1: Working with Dates

  • An explanation of how Excel understands dates
  • Operations on dates and the use of dates in formulas
  • Explanation of the operation and practical use of the TODAY, MONTH, YEAR, DATE formulas,
  • Use custom hidden formulas for date calculations

Part 2: Conditional Summation

  • Summing up the values ​​that meet the selected criteria
  • Data set analysis and calculation of sums for specific instances
  • Practical exercises using the SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, SUBTOTAL formulas and many more

Part 3: Conditional Formatting

  • Highlight selected values
  • Mark selected values ​​with signs, icons and colors
  • Use of custom formatting
  • Practical exercise in how to quickly and efficiently analyze the prices of competitive objects in a few clicks

Part 4: Data Analysis in a PivotTable

  • Introduction to pivot tables
  • An explanation of how PivotTables are built and how they work
  • Analysis of data in a pivot table in a different cross-section and approach
  • A practical example of using a pivot table in the segment analysis of hotel guests

Part 5: Presenting data in a graph

  • Explaining the structure and creation of line, bar, pie and other charts
  • Formatting charts
  • Build dynamic charts based on pivot tables
  • Explaining what it is and how to build a combo chart

Part 6: Formatting and Working with Text

  • Summary of possibilities in the field of processing and analysis of text strings
  • Practical exercises using the formulas IF, CONCATENATE, TEXT and others
  • Understanding and using the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas

Part 7: Practical exercises

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do and I will understand.” Confucius himself knew long ago that there is no value greater than testing certain things “for yourself”.

The tutor has prepared files with practical exercises that he will solve with the participants at the end of the training. Exercises show real situations in the reception, sales, booking and managerial positions

Online and on-site courses for hoteliers!

Qualpro Academy brings together and constantly expands the group of experts in various fields of management in the hotel industry. Our consultants are practitioners actively engaged in the development of modern techniques and processes as well as the implementation of innovative systems in the hotel industry. Qualpro Academy is the Manager’s Academy, which does not mean that training and courses for hotel directors are dedicated exclusively to this group. Every month, we publish new trainings for hotel employees of various levels, which allow them to acquire new skills, broaden their competencies, take care of development, and thereby increase their competitiveness and value on the labour market.

Check the constantly updated offers of the Qualpro Academy! Online trainings for hoteliers or on-site trainings for hotels are cyclically supplemented and new ones are added. You will find many positions and issues, e.g. how to effectively implement Revenue Management and Yield Management in a hotel (i.e. a system for Revenue Management and optimization of profits in a hotel) or how to effectively sell in a hotel. Hospitality economics is very important, therefore hotel accounting and the USALI system are broken down into atoms in dedicated training. Without the right tools, you can not move, so you will also find here a basic Excel course for hotels or instructions on the practical use of the RMS system.

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The trainings are available only in Polish, soon they will be available in Spanish and English. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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    “Training at a very high level. Many things were new to me, and yet they were clearly and substantively presented. Congratulations on the professionalism. What I liked the most was the presentation, the interest of the lecturer in the participants (it was not dry-handed knowledge, which is very important to me) ) and tasks that allowed to practice the discussed issues “


    Marta Żulińska


    “I would definitely recommend Revenue Management training. The training is a good introduction to the issue of revenue and expenditure management. Such training should be completed by all employees who have a real impact on revenues”


    Przemysław Rybałka


    “I liked the most the opportunity to listen to different points of view of people participating in the training and the ways of their work. Refreshing issues that are apparently obvious, but now we often forget about them, because, for example, we already receive ready data from systems given” on a plate “


    Adrian Juchciński 


    “What I liked most about the training was going from general to detail, which adjusted the level of understanding for all participants and a lot of practical tasks. I recommend the course to all hoteliers who want to improve their competences. Especially for receptionists, reception managers and managers of accommodation facilities”


    Anna Belowska


    “The host explained the issues in a simple, understandable way and presented examples / situations that occurred in various hotels. I would definitely recommend the training to every RM, GM, Sales and booking department in every hotel”


    Izabela Walczak

    SUN & SNOW

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