“Remote Revenue Manager”, or the outsourcing of Revenue Management, is a consultancy service offering room rate and restrictions recommendation as well as analytics and reporting based on very specific solutions, ready for efficient implementation in your hotel.

Do you have similar challenges in your hotel?


  • You do not have enough time to thoroughly analyze historical and current data of your hotel in your hectic day-to-day operations


  • You are not quite sure how to correctly manage your hotel rates, in order to sell them at the right price at the right time


  • You do not have the data allowing you to effectively optimise your revenues


  • You do not plan to employ full-time experienced Revenue Manager within your current organisational structure


  • You delegate Revenue Manager tasks to an inexperienced person, affecting at the same time other duties this person is responsible for

Regardless of the size of the hotel, Revenue Management allows you to influence the quantity and quality of sales opportunities. Our support in Revenue Management will help you to interpret historical and current data, configure reports, analyze trends, build pricing and segmentation principles, manage distribution channels or apply restrictions leading to revenue optimization. All aiming to increase the income of your hotel.


How can an experienced Revenue Manager help you deal with these challenges?


What are the benefits of the remote Revenue Manager?



  • We will implement modern Revenue Management techniques for you
  • We will share the knowledge and expertise of Revenue Management practitioners with many years of experience
  • You will save your time by not having to deal with the pricing and planning
  • You will use the opportunity to increase revenues in your property
  • Our experts have worked for numebr of years as Revenue Managers in various regions of Poland, therefore they will be familiar with the opportunities and conditions of your market place
  • Thanks to the Remote Revenue Manager, you will not need a dedicated Revenue Manager position, nor will you have to delegate revenue management tasks to people who do not have experience in this field
  • Based on the monthly subscription to the Remote Revenue Manager service you can rest assured that in case of any circumstances you can withdraw from the contract, although it has never happened in our career wink


STEP 1. We start with a non-binding and free 30-minute consultation meeting, thanks to which you can assess whether this service will work in your hotel.


STEP 2. If, after consultation, you consider using the service, you receive a sample of knowledge in the form of specific analyzes of data from your hotel. In order to guarantee the security of your data, we sign a standard confidentiality agreement.


STEP 3.  You receive the results of your data analysis, a proposed RM strategy to be implemented in your hotel.


STEP 4. Only at this point you make a possible decision to initiate the service. If you see the proposed RM strategy working in your hotel, let’s go ahead.


STEP 5. You enjoy peace of mind and more time without worrying about Revenue Management.



How does the process look like?

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    Meet our experts

    Michał Forysiak
    Qualpro CEO

    Associated with the hotel industry since 2000, he has worked for such chains as Dorint, Accor and Hilton. Flesh and blood hotelier. He started his career as a receptionist, going through all the positions in the room division in the following years. It included, inter alia, the following functions: Rooms & Revenue Manager (Sofitel Wrocław), Rooms & Revenue Director (Double Tree by Hilton Łódź), Deputy General Manager (Double Tree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Center). For 15 years he has been closely associated with the broadly understood analytics in the hotel industry, combining it all the time with operational duties. As a result, in addition to revenue optimization, he was able to effectively optimize costs. Therefore, for many years, in its strategies, it has adopted the goal of optimizing the GOPPAR index. He is known in the industry as the Master of Excel. His proprietary tools can be found in many hotels. Awarded by the industry community with the title of Revenue Manager of the Year 2016 by the Horwath organization and the “Hotelarz” magazine. In his spare time, his passions are mountain biking, badminton and board games.

    Joanna Wiśniewska
    Commercial Director

    A graduate of the Maritime University in Gdynia, an expert in Revenue Management in the hotel industry, with years of experience in the Polish, British, and German markets.

    Currently serving as the Head of Revenue at LGH Hotels Management Limited in the United Kingdom, overseeing the London market, Heathrow Airport, and the M25 corridor (IHG and Best Western brands).

    Previously associated with Orbis/Accor in Poland (hotels in the Tri-City area, including Sofitel Grand Sopot) and in the United Kingdom (in several locations, including MGallery hotels).

    Additionally, with extensive experience in projects related to opening properties, rebranding, repositioning in the market, implementing new systems, as well as in marketing, sales, and Revenue Management training.

    Privately, a lover of active leisure, long journeys, music, and Les Mills sports programs.

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