SmartHotel – our new partner

Sep 14, 2021

Nowadays hotels are doing their best to attract guests and fight off competition. The pandemic has made everything even worse. That is why hotels are trying to compete by creating unique guest experience. Planning this must be based on deep analyses as well as careful listening and understanding guests’ needs. Sometimes, however, hoteliers get caught up in daily business so much that they can’t seem to find time for that. It is a strange paradox: dealing with current affairs of guests leads to missing the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with them. Luckily, technology is here to help us – you can automate certain mundane tasks to focus on making guest stays more pleasant. This approach is shared by our new partner – SmartHotel.

SmartHotel a Polish company that operates in the international market and creates systems improving communication between the hotel reception and guests. These systems use communication tools which practically everyone has – including 97% of hotel guests – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS and e-mail. How does it work? A guest fills in an on-line registration card on their phone before arrival. Then, they receive key facts about the property, for example, local attractions, restaurant menus, through an intelligent ChatBot in Messenger or other means. Guests also have the option to order breakfast to their rooms or report any inconveniences, and the hotel staff can respond quickly to their needs. The “translate” option enables it in every language. The entire process runs automatically, around the clock, without the guests calling or visiting the front desk and additionally engaging the hotel service. Employees can send each other tasks and notifications through a “task manager”. In addition, the staff can immediately respond to opinions and needs expressed by guests in real time – this helps with building the hotel’s reputation (nowadays a very important factor).

At Qualpro, we support this technological approach because we know the topic inside out. We also believe that some tasks should be automated to let you focus on guest experience. So we would like to present proRMS – a solution used to optimize hotel revenue. proRMS automatically collects and interprets data from various sources to create ready-to-use price recommendations and prepare reports. The tasks once performed by Revenue Managers are now performed automatically by intelligent AI-based algorithms. Thanks to this, Revenue Managers have time to plan deals and packages that will suit guests’ needs and enrich their experience.

We are very pleased to work with SmartHotel. Both our companies believe that automation of work and focusing on guest experience are the future of hospitality, especially in these difficult times. In addition, our solutions can support each other because the information on hotel reputation from SmartHotel will supplement the analyses performed by proRMS. Hoteliers using our solutions will have a much better chance of improving results. Easy communication with guests, optimizing revenue and overall performance improvement will definitely help in challenging our current competitive and demanding market. So we would like to encourage hoteliers to trust technology and focus on guests while we do our automation part.

 If you want to find out how SmartHotel can help your hotel, click here to write a message.

If you want to find out how proRMS can help your hotel, click here to write a message. 

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