Divide the work and conquer

29 Jul, 2020

What can two brothers achieve when they join forces?

  • Build the first hot air balloon (the Montgolfier brothers)?
  • Build the first airplane (the Wright brothers)?
  • Write the most famous fairy tales (the Grimm Brothers)?
  • Or maybe create a great ancient empire (guess who!)?

In the next issue of “Hotelarz” (a hotelier magazine), you will find an article on the achievements of two brothers, Michał Forysiak (a hotelier) and Bartosz Forysiak (a programmer), the creators of the Qualpro company. Qualpro’s combined experience in the hotel industry and programming skills resulted in developing proRMS – the first Polish Revenue Management System (RMS). The article will tell you:

  • what led the Forysiak brothers to create Qualpro – a rising star in the RMS industry
  • why it is a good idea to have RMS,
  • how proRMS stands out from the crowd.

Find out how the results of Qualpro’s work may improve the efficiency of hotels.