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Aug 3, 2020

proRMS is a new RMS solution. Despite the current situation in the hotel industry, we are gaining recognition as well as getting positive feedback on the efficiency of our platform. We specialise is advanced analytics beyond the capabilities of many companies. Statistical algorithms, neural networks and machine learning lie at the heart of our system. Thanks to our original solutions, end users receive accurate and transparent recommendations on optimal prices of their products in the future along with their availability and suggested restrictions. Another advantage of proRMS is comprehensive analytics and reporting modules which thoroughly justify the recommendations. Due to this, hoteliers can make more informed decisions and have a better understanding of the market.

The system was built using the latest technological solutions and trends. It includes concepts and components from world-famous companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook. The platform’s open architecture allows for bidirectional communication with external systems. This enables integration with a variety of data sources supporting proRMS which transmit the results of recommendations to PMSs or Channel Managers. Integration on a functional level leads to enriching the external systems with the options offered by proRMS via available APIs. As a result, the systems’ analytical capacity is greatly enhanced.

proRMS, like any RMS, needs data to work properly. Integration with PMSs, Channel Managers, POS and other sources is essential for us. It constitutes the basis of data quality which allows the system to function. It also provides automation of operations which increases the the hotel’s added value. Currently, we are integrated mainly with the systems of renowned foreign providers because our customers use their products. However, we are getting more and more inquiries from hotels using our national solutions. So we came to a conclusion that it’s high time we met those needs.

We would like to join forces and cooperate with Polish PMS, Channel Manager and POS providers as well as suppliers of other IT solutions for the hotel industry. We want to join forces with you to create much better products for hoteliers by automating our perfectly complementary solutions. Our cooperation will be beneficial to all parties, mostly to our customers. They will appreciate an integrated and coherent structure much more than several systems operating independently. We are a young business, but we have excellent skills and great ambitions. Our plans go far beyond the Polish market. Moreover, we are entering other business service models – related not only to all sorts of hotels but also, among others, apartments to rent. Therefore, we are very flexible and willing to establish cooperation with you, so that we can work together to develop the best possible solutions, build a base of satisfied customers and increase profits.

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