Michał Forysiak is the new CEO at Qualpro


Michał Forysiak – associated with Qualpro and the proRMS idea from the very beginning – is the new CEO at Qualpro. Hotelier, passionate about revenue management and analytical data processing.

Over the past 20 years, he has gone through all levels in the hotel industry in recent years, holding high managerial positions in major chains.

For years, he has been fulfilling himself as a revenue manager, creates his own algorithms, summaries and checks them in practice. Master of Excel. Revenue Manager of the year 2017.

What does it bring to the organization? First of all, huge practical knowledge in the field of hospitality, especially analytics and revenue.

For years, being the main architect and originator of the main proRMS solutions, he can now devote himself fully to his passion and build an organization with us as its boss.