First Polish RMS


RMS (Revenue Management System) appeared several years ago in the hotel industry. Currently, there are several dozen systems supporting and automating processes related to hotel price policy.

Awareness and use of these tools in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or British hotels is more common than in other countries, including Poland. Local vendors of this solutions matters when when you check implementation scale and popularity.

The lack of Polish representation, and thus difficult contact, product information or implementation adapted to local realities certainly does not help in making a decision about choosing and implementing such a solution in a hotel. The cost aspect is also not insignificant and with difficult verification of benefits, the decision is often negative.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.

In addition to globally available systems from well-known vendors, there is also a product created in Poland – proRMS!

Despite the fact that only recently it has been commercially available, it is gaining more and more attention of revenue managers with its non-standard and in-depth approach to the topic.

proRMS is a fully Polish product. For many months, a team of several dozen software engineers from Wrocław, data analysts and specialists in the areas of technology and hospitality from all over Poland worked on its development. It would be difficult to talk about the hotel management system if its key elements were not developed by recognized revenue managers.

Using Polish technical and industry thought, we have created a product with global aspirations locally.

We think broadly but also thoroughly.

proRMS is not only a price optimizer but extensive analytics, dedicated reports and the ability to intuitively create your own, freely complex. In proRMS we have implemented complex algorithms for the prediction and processing of correlated data from many sources, developed with scientists from the Wrocław University of Economics.

We will eliminate barriers related to the implementation and use of RMS systems, promoting not only our system but above all the weight and benefits of an appropriate approach to revenue management.

We break one barrier at the beginning – the contact and accessibility barrier. We are from Wroclaw, but we operate throughout Poland, we will gladly present the proRMS operation in the context of your hotel and indicate the benefits resulting from it, which are worth considering.

Polish, according to our knowledge, the first in this scope and scale, the product that we hope will contribute to the popularization of RMS systems in Poland and will show the values and benefits that Hotels have with the use of RMS.