Roibos a game changer in the hotel industry

23 Jul, 2021

ROIBOS is a startup in the tourism sector, and it is revolutionizing and redefining the sector. Roibos is the hotel distribution marketplace that allows hotels connect directly with over 35,000 travel operators around the world, efficiently and without intermediaries. The 2 year old company even though still in its growth phase already counts with 1500 hotels and an additional 2000 in the registering process.


Patricia Rosselló, founder and CEO of the company, has had a wide and long trajectory in the industry and has fist handedly lived through the challenges, struggles and limitations faced by hotels during the distribution process. Roibos is a simple, fast, and efficient solution.

As previously mentioned Roibos is the hotel distribution marketplace that allows hotels connect directly with over 35,000 travel operators around the world, efficiently and without intermediaries. It is important to note that by only signing one contract with Roibos, the hotel receives total access to upload their own rates, products, and availability for everyone on the platform to see.

Thanks to only signing one contract, costs related to the time invested into contacting, talking, negotiating, and closing deals with new agencies are significantly reduced. Roibos offers direct connectivity allowing for these costs to be reduced. 

Another very important aspect is that hotels decide on the content they want to be published, descriptions and images are uploaded so hotels can portray the image that they want and deserve. 

With regards to payments, Roibos secures booking payments with a virtual credit card (VCC), which can be charged 48h before the client’s check-in and up to 15 days post check-out. Over more Roibos is practically free, the rate is only 1€/Room Night converted so you only pay if you convert. 


What does this mean for hotels?

1. A reduction in paperwork, unnecessary and tedious configurations and most importantly a reduction in workload. Currently a hotel that establishes a collaboration with a certain wholesaler or travel agent must first read the contract, negotiate, sign, and then send it every time a collaboration is made. Through the Roibos platform you most importantly save time, sign only one contract on our own conditions, and regain control.

2. The simplification of the distribution process allows hotels to broaden their reach. Until now due to human limitations hotel would have to go through the process of choosing between travel agencies, but now establishing a new business relationship is just a few clicks away this accelerates the whole process.

As you can see this business model is revolutionizing and changing the rules of the game.

Where in this model can we apply Qualpro’s proRMS tool and how does it complement the hotel offer? ProRMS and Roibos, through their mutual collaboration and functionality can certainly help to give more of the aforementioned “control” back to hoteliers. How? proRMS helps to set optimal rates for individual customers, defines the target inventory availability and indicates the constraints that will allow for maximum revenue in a given market and supply situation. Once these recommendations are passed by the hotel’s Revenue Manager, they are sent through the channel manager: to the hotel’s website, to OTAs, to intermediaries, including Roibos. Importantly, proRMS allows you to manage your distribution channels, allowing you to close the selected ones and leave only the direct channels which means great savings.

It is worth considering the implementation of these solutions in your hotel. If this new model has caught your interest, we encourage you to book a demo of the Roibos platform in English or Spanish, or to book a demo of proRMS in English or Spanish: click here