The Cloud Advantage

Sep 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has verified our ability to work remotely. People have had some trouble finding the appropriate hardware and/or software to seamlessly continue doing their job as usual. Things like instant messengers or webcams have already been put into use. However, there is a vital solution that gives you an incredible advantage in times when you must keep social distance and stay flexible. We are talking here about a cloud-based solution.

cloud-based solution means that you have access to the software without the need to maintain any infrastructure or equipment. You usually require just a website address, login and password to access the software functionality from any computer. This option has become so popular that more and more companies offer such solutions or transfer existing programs into the cloud. We’re sure that many of you have already been using the cloud for private or business purposes, such as storing important data or photos. However, in pandemic times, the cloud gives you an incredible advantage in terms of hotel management.

A cloud-based solution provides you with independence from equipment. You don’t have to rely on any devices located in the hotel. It makes your work much easier when you want to limit the number of employees in the hotel to avoid the risk of spreading the virus or have entirely closed the hotel and cut off utilities (including electricity) for a while. Even if you are absent on site or have closed the hotel, you can still plan the next step from the safety of your home, using a cloud-based solution.

Another advantage is data security. If you work in the cloud, the risk of data loss due to hardware failure drops to almost zero. The likelihood of accidental deletion of data by the employees working from home as well as their children or pets is also much lower. Cloud-based solutions often have update tracking and data backup options. Even having your equipment stolen from an empty hotel won’t harm your data. IT protection isn’t your concern either because the professionals working for your cloud-based solution provider will deal with that. As a result, your data will be safe regardless of what is happening in your hotel.

In addition, you can save time and money. With a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining your own infrastructure and server as well as configuration and protective measures. Ensuring all this is usually very expensive and forces your employees to continuously train and improve their skills as such systems develop. A simpler option is to outsource these tasks to an external company that will provide the necessary services for a fraction of the price that you would have to pay if you wanted to do everything on your own. As a result, you can spend money on hotel upkeep, idle time pays, promoting your hotel after the lockdown, etc.

As you can see, a cloud-based solution works for many companies, so it will certainly be useful in your hotel. One of such solutions is proRMS, a system designed to optimize revenuesanalyze data from multiple sources and prepare forecasts or clear reports. Thanks to a cloud-based solution, you have access to proRMS from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) where you can manage your hotel revenues. If you need flexibility, independence and savings as well as the opportunity to focus on your hotel tasks, a cloud-based solution is meant for you.

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