Qualpro against Legionella

Sep 15, 2020

Over the last few months, the coronavirus has been causing great economic losses, especially in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, hotels have also experienced the truth behind the proverb “misery loves company”. The absence of guests and their later presence in small numbers caused water stagnation in the water supply systems which in turn led to the development of a bacterium called Legionella.

Legionella causes a disease known as Legionnaires’ disease which, similarly to COVID-19, affects the respiratory system. Three companies – the JARS S.A. laboratory, the Blue Fifty company specialized in modern technologies and the BNP Paribas bank – have come together and started an action called “wspieramyhotele.pl” (the name literally means “we support hotels”) to help hotels in rebounding and quickly regaining their financial condition as it was before the pandemic. Our company named Qualpro joins the fight against Legionella by offering a product called proRMS on very favorable terms. It is our pleasure to support this project. We also appreciate the idea and generosity of its creators. Therefore, we are willing to take part in the action “wspieramyhotele.pl”.

The intention of the action “wspieramyhotele.pl” organizers is to provide products or services on preferential terms. At first, the accredited JARS S.A. laboratory collects water samples for testing, analyzes them, and then presents a detailed report on the presence of Legionella in the water. If Legionella is found, the Blue Fifty company specializing in supplying equipment that benefits people and the environment takes over. Blue Fifty supplies a device called Bifipro which removes the Legionella bacteria from water by means of copper and silver ions. If the hotel can’t afford having the device installed, the BNP Paribas bank comes to help. The bank leases the device for five years without an initial payment and with a three-month delay in payment of the first installment. The hotels also don’t have to worry about paying off the installments because Qualpro provides them with proRMS. The system allows to increase revenues to such an extent that it not only pays for itself and for the leasing installment, but it also generates a significant surplus for the hotel.

This comprehensive solution resulting from the alliance of four companies will certainly help with restoring the hotels to their former glory after the troubles caused by the combined forces of coronavirus and Legionella. The solution is particularly beneficial because it considers all the technical and logistic aspects of the fight against Legionella. Hoteliers won’t have to worry about analyses because JARS S.A. will conduct them or finding a way to remove the bacteria as Blue Fifty will deal with that. Financial issues will also be solved by the lease from BNP Paribas and by higher revenues generated by using the proRMS software from Qualpro. As a company, we are happy to take part in this action. We believe that our contribution will allow hotels to get back on track and quickly return to their pre-pandemic levels of profitability. We hope that other companies will also find a way to join forces and offer comprehensive and beneficial solutions for industries mostly affected by microbes.

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