proRMS in Mediteran Travel

Oct 14, 2020

Apartment and mobile home rental services have been rapidly developing since 2012. We owe it to modern technology which provides easy access to scattered properties. Guests have highly appreciated such services. For them, this option might be better than a hotel. Mobile home rental companies often manage hundreds of locations dispersed over large areas. Interestingly, even homes close to each other can be very different. As a result, managing them requires an effective approach.

One such company is Mediteran Travel which rents mobile homes and campsites in Croatia. This attractive country combines Mediterranean climate with Slavic atmosphere. Mediteran Travel offers a variety of homes in many places around the country, mainly along the coast. The company thoroughly describes each property, extra services, the city and local attractions. You can rent a place for a specific period. The search engine on immediately shows its availability. Thanks to a wide range of options, you can spend a relaxing holiday at the desired location.

Difficult management

Mediteran Travel brings together more than 350 mobile homes for about 1,500 guests. Dealing with so many properties is a great challenge regarding operability and revenue management. The case is more difficult than with hotels as the offered properties are located in various places. They are affected by high seasonalitydispersed competition and changeable weather. The environmental diversity of each home forces the company to monitor multiple locations. This in turn requires huge investments of time and money.

An inefficient pricing policy may have serious consequences. If you keep your prices high, you risk losing your guests’ interest. In contrast, when you offer too low prices or any term without considering restrictions, you may diminish your potential revenue. Hotel chains have long known that revenue management is too valuable to ignore. Larger apartment or mobile home rental companies are also aware of the negative impact of neglecting this issue on their profits. Therefore, they invest in state-of-the-art Revenue Management Systems (RMSs).

How can RMS help?

By using RMS, you can take advantage of the high season, when guests are ready to pay 20-35% more for a place. In addition, when you apply proper restrictions, you will never rent your properties at a reduced price. Through dynamic pricing and instant pricing strategy adjustments, you will increase your profits from 15% up to even 30% (in some cases). The system will do most of your work, so you can enjoy great time-savings.

Mediteran Travel has decided to use our proRMS – a comprehensive RMS solution with a full price optimizer, extensive analytics and a complex forecasting mechanism. The analytical capabilities and algorithms of proRMS allow you to properly assess the situation and give you ready-to-use recommendations and restrictions even in terms of multiple locations. As a result, Mediteran Travel has a chance to automate the revenue management processes and increase profits in all its places.

Learn from the best!

The mobile home rental sector is relatively young. However, it has adopted certain working methods from hotels. The latter have officially existed since the nineteenth century, so they have already worked out effective solutions. Nowadays, hotels need to optimally manage their processes, customers, reputation and revenue. That’s why they use advanced systems such as PMSsChMs CRMs and, of course, RMSs. Mobile home rental companies also implement these solutions to effectively manage their properties and increase profits.

As Qualpro, we are pleased that Mediteran Travel uses our proRMS solution. Such companies haven’t been long on the market, so Mediteran Travel is open to modern ways of increasing revenue. We hope that hotels and related companies which haven’t implemented such solutions yet will come around to appreciate RMSs. We will publish the results of Mediteran Travel using proRMS in another article.

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